Muskoka and Parry Sound Lot Locations, 1871

Research 1871 CENSUS locations free online for ALL OF ONTARIO. The individual Township pages at this site, point to every Sched. 4 start page for every Enumeration Division in the Province! COPYRIGHT – the Surname databases, Look-up charts, Transcriptions and all Map geo-points are property of Lisa Rance, Orillia, 2011-current.

Well call me late to the party, but I only recently became aware of the existence of an “agricultural” schedule for the 1871 Census of Canada. Here are a thousand+ surnames transcribed for Muskoka and Parry Sound using the cross-referencing procedure described here.

Total Records Found: 1005, showing 10 per page
Bain 5 Muskoka Muskoka 1871. census
Baker 1 Muskoka Muskoka 1871. census
Baldwin 1 Macaulay Muskoka 1871. census
Ball 1 Draper Muskoka 1871. census
Ballentine 1 Chaffey Muskoka 1871. census
Bane 1 Stephenson Muskoka 1871. census
Bannon 1 Monteith Parry Sound 1871. census
Barber 2 Watt Muskoka 1871. census
Bard 2 Monck Muskoka 1871. census
Barker 1 McDougall Parry Sound 1871. census
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RESOURCES | onLand Land Registry

2018 is the year that Service Ontario announced its project making available all Ontario early land record ‘History Books’, free online.

Until now, such a search required a visit to a regional Land Registry Office or to the Archives of Ontario.

Family historians are just learning about this important resource and wondering as to the extent of records that will be made available by the completion of the project.

At the very least, the indexes should indicate family groups occupying lots in the earliest time periods, or the presence of instruments describing inheritances.