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Research 1871 CENSUS locations free online for ALL OF ONTARIO. The individual Township pages at this site, point to every Sched. 4 start page for every Enumeration Division in the Province! COPYRIGHT – the Surname databases, Look-up charts, Transcriptions and all Map geo-points are property of Lisa Rance, Orillia, 2011-current.

Determine the exact Concession & Lot locations where ancestors reported crops on the 1871 Census. This is helpful for differentiating families of a common surname. The ancestor need not have been a farmer – even small personal gardens on town lots, were reported.

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Muskoka and Parry Sound Lot Locations, 1871

I only recently became aware of the existence of an “agricultural” schedule for the 1871 Census of Canada. Here are a thousand+ surnames transcribed for Muskoka and Parry Sound using the cross-referencing procedure described here.

Total Records Found: 1005, showing 10 per page
Allman 1 Foley Parry Sound 1871. census
Almond 1 McDougall Parry Sound 1871. census
Alport 1 Muskoka Muskoka 1871. census
Ames 1 Medora Muskoka 1871. census
Anderson 1 Medora Muskoka 1871. census
Anderson 2 Morrison Muskoka 1871. census
Anderson 1 Stephenson Muskoka 1871. census
Andrew 6 Hagerman Parry Sound 1871. census
Ansley 1 Cardwell Muskoka 1871. census
Arens 1 Morrison Muskoka 1871. census