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Research 1871 CENSUS locations free online for ALL OF ONTARIO. The individual Township pages at this site, point to every Sched. 4 start page for every Enumeration Division in the Province! COPYRIGHT – the Surname databases, Look-up charts, Transcriptions and all Map geo-points are property of Lisa Rance, Orillia, 2011-current.

Determine the exact Concession & Lot locations where ancestors reported crops on the 1871 Census. This is helpful for differentiating families of a common surname. The ancestor need not have been a farmer – even small personal gardens on town lots, were reported.

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Muskoka and Parry Sound Lot Locations, 1871

I only recently became aware of the existence of an “agricultural” schedule for the 1871 Census of Canada. Here are a thousand+ surnames transcribed for Muskoka and Parry Sound using the cross-referencing procedure described here.

Total Records Found: 1005, showing 10 per page
Ashdown 1 Humphry Parry Sound 1871. census
Astley 1 Watt Muskoka 1871. census
Atkin 1 Watt Muskoka 1871. census
Atkinson 3 Watt Muskoka 1871. census
Attridge 1 McLean Muskoka 1871. census
August 1 Morrison Muskoka 1871. census
Badger 1 Foley Parry Sound 1871. census
Bailey 1 Macaulay Muskoka 1871. census
Baily 2 Medora Muskoka 1871. census
Baily 1 Macaulay Muskoka 1871. census

PHOTOlog | past rural life MUSKOKA

Rural Muskoka farming townships returning to nature, cottage life, Ontario, Canada

Vintage farming machinery, water-works, and house-wares are familiar to those who were raised without the mod cons. Local historians point out that cottagers can no longer conceive of the time this land was cleared for farming. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, September 2014

MUSKOKA District | Oakley Township