FAQ | Printed Large-Sized Maps?

FAQ | Printed Large-Sized Maps?

This is the # 1 Frequently Asked Question.

This website *points to* scans of early wall maps and printed atlases held at various repositories (universities and government archives). Prints cannot be ordered, here.

A curator at the Maps Collection of a major university stated that while the maps dated 1850’s to 1880’s are not copyright-protected, any scans, prints or images of the maps are copyrighted to their producers.

Let me know of any officially-produced (book) atlases, posters or wall maps for sale. Here’s a start:


The Brant Co. Museum & Archives in Brantford, ON had some poster-sized old maps. Their website is compromised at present. Will check back.


The Mayholme Foundation of St. Catharines, ON, offers in book format, the Atlas of Early Pioneers of Niagara Peninsula. Published 2002, 8.5 x 11 in, cerlox-bound, b&w, 72 pages. ISBN 0-9897467-3-3

The publication itself is not indexed, yet the HeritagePIN surname-indexes do include my transcriptions of the names (pre-1871).


The Elgin County Library in St. Thomas, ON, offers a Reprint of Geo. Tremaine’s 1864 (wall) map, in book format – Tremaine’s Map of County of Elgin Co. Ontario: Commemorative Edition in Celebration of the Sesquicentennial of the County of Elgin 1852-2002.
Published 2002, 17.5 x 11.5 in, cloth hard covers, colour, 80 pages. ISBN 0-920339-25-5

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