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Notes about the formation of Ontario’s earliest Townships, if opened for settlement before 1826, may be found in the Upper Canada Land Grants transcription project. Note: these townships, at formation, may have been created within Counties and Districts that differ from the boundaries depicted here (circa 1870).
The following history notes are excerpts from The Province of Ontario: A History, 1615-1927,by Middleton,J.E. & Langdon, F.,1927, Dominion Publishing Co., Toronto

The name was first borne by a group of islands in the St. Lawrence opposite Kingston, which Governor Simcoe combined for electoral purposes. In 1849, the old name was given to a group of townships cut off from East York and the new County became self-governing. The first settlers had come in the earliest days of the Nineteenth Century.

HeritagePIN’s own updated list of Named Villages and Settlements in Ontario, based on the 1857 Canada Directory (Lovell) and the 1869 Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory (McEvoy/Clark), and on descriptions found in 30+ pre-Confederation directories.

See also notes about Administrative Districts that crossed established boundaries.

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