Orillia North Township

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Orillia North Twp. in historical SIMCOE Co.

Opened in 1822. The name is Spanish for border, margin, or shore; Lake Couchiching, the Severn River and Sparrow Lake are the eastern and northern boundaries. The Town of Orillia was originally the headquarters of the Ojibway indians; the first white settler, Gerald Alley, came in 1832 as a Government instructor to the Indians. Before 1836 nineteen had settled in the northern part of the township. Washago had its beginnings in 1852, Severn Bridge in 1857.

Jesse E. Middleton, The Province of Ontario: a History: 1615-1927, published 1927
Early survey maps with names of original patentees¬†–¬†over-written with subsequent owners.

2 available I0050951 | I0050953

THE ABOVE LINKS ARE BROKEN. These had been off-site links to the Archives of Ontario's RG-100 Patent Plans. In 2023 the A of O replaced the 'Archives Descriptive Database' with the 'AIMS' database. Please direct inquiries to the Archives of Ontario quoting the RG 1-100 collection and urging for restoration of *large-sized* map images. (I'm always happy to hear from you too).

The names on these maps are not transcribed for the HeritagePIN databases.

Maps at McGill University's Digital Atlas Project cover the Post-Confederation period (late for the scope of this project). Names of land-owners are transcribed at McGill's site.

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HINT: Before fine-searching the online directories, verify from the database of transcribed names (bottom).

Walton / 1837 Toronto City & Home District / free online

McEvoy / 1866-67 Simcoe County / subscr. site

Links & Transcription Progress

Irwin / 1872-73 Simcoe County & Muskoka Dist. / free online

Links & Transcription Progress

Find Concession/Lot Locations from the Agricultural Schedules of the Canadian national Censuses.
1842 (limited), 1851, 1861 and 1871.

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Finding Aid | Search Form – LAC | see table, below

1861 District SubDistrict Film     PGs: 97 – 99
Simcoe Orillia C-1073-1074 97 98 99

* The LAC search form is pre-set to search this District, and for Agricultural schedules only. However, these indexes are significantly incomplete. ALL IMAGES ARE AVAILABLE by page number, in the chart, above.

The 1861 Census Districts | Re: Bothwell, Cardwell & Monck

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Important: See FINDING AID – involves a few steps.
1871 District SubDistrict Div.* Film Images
42 Simcoe North K Orillia & Matchedash Div 1 C-9964 Link to Start
42 Simcoe North K Orillia & Matchedash Div 2 C-9964 Link to Start

* The Enumeration Division must match the corresponding Sched. 1 Personal Census.

Header titles on each census page aren't always fully descriptive of the Districts and Divisions. Rely on indexed information at Ancestry or FamilySearch.

The 1871 Census Districts | Maps of City Wards

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* tab marked (Tax Rolls) = no records for entire County

Ontario historical township tax assessments showing concessions and lots

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Township Dates Film Images  
Orillia N&S None Available

NOTE: The above table is for records BEFORE 1880, only!
Films marked in red are viewable at LDS Family History Centers.

FamilySearch has begun to transcribe: (incomplete)

Ontario Tax Assessment Rolls, 1834-1899
Search by Surname and Region

See FamilySearch Wiki about Ontario Taxation.
Both Owners and Tenants were assessed for taxes (i.e. Freeholders and Householders).
See the Instructions to Assessors from 1847 Norfolk Co.

Search Surname - by part name, or use a star as a wildcard -- do not use single quote i.e. O'Brien - instead use O(star) :
Total Records Found: 324, showing 10 per page
SurnameIncidenceTownshipCountyDatesSourceAvailable online?DetailsMisc
Abernethy 1 Orillia North Simcoe 1867 directory Link to Source
Annes 2 Orillia North Simcoe 1871 map Link to Source
Annes 2 Orillia North Simcoe 1867 directory Link to Source
Atkinson 1 Orillia North Simcoe 1867 directory Link to Source
Auckman 1 Orillia North Simcoe 1871 map Link to Source
Austin 2 Orillia North Simcoe 1871 map Link to Source
Bailey 4 Orillia North Simcoe 1867 directory Link to Source
Barne 1 Orillia North Simcoe 1871 map Link to Source
Bawson 1 Orillia North Simcoe 1871 map Link to Source
Baxter 1 Orillia North Simcoe 1871 map Link to Source

heritagePIN PROJECT DATABASES | Project Goals and Progress

HeritagePIN has a number of Name Transcription Projects on the go since 2008. The time period of study is Pre-Confederation (1867). Since Ontario's civil records program took some years to fully implement, this time period has been extended to include Ontario's documented inhabitants prior to the mid-1870's.

Transcribed surnames are searchable at each Township's page


MAPS | project

I had been able to photograph several of the (brittle) Pre-Confederation maps at various universities and archives, and by 2016 the University of Toronto has made images available ONLINE for many more!

The names in these databases have been transcribed by me personally, and include names from the inset town maps, and indexes of subscribers, located in the margins of each map.


Likewise, with historical directories, names have been transcribed by eye, not by OCR (conversion to text). They include those entries for individuals living in towns and cities.


Where maps and directories are sparse for a township, or for an early time period, the Databases are supplemented with record-sets * that show names and Concession/Lot locations *. These include early Land Grant/Patents, and Agricultural Census returns.