On the St. Lawrence, first organized as an electoral district in 1792, but settled seven years before by veterans of the Loyalist regiments in the American Revolution. About one-third of the pioneers in the whole County were Highlanders, one-third Germans, and the remainder English, Irish and Lowland Scots.

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An excerpt from The Province of Ontario: A History, 1615-1927, by Middleton, J.E. & Langdon, F., 1927, Dominion Publishing Co., Toronto

heritagePIN PROJECT DATABASES | Project Goals and Progress

HeritagePIN has a number of Name Transcription Projects on the go since 2008. The time period of study is Pre-Confederation (1867). Since Ontario's civil records program took some years to fully implement, this time period has been extended to include Ontario's documented inhabitants prior to the mid-1870's.

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I had been able to photograph several of the (brittle) Pre-Confederation maps at various universities and archives, and by 2016 the University of Toronto has made images available ONLINE for many more!

The names in these databases have been transcribed by me personally, and include names from the inset town maps, and indexes of subscribers, located in the margins of each map.


Likewise, with historical directories, names have been transcribed by eye, not by OCR (conversion to text). They include those entries for individuals living in towns and cities.


Where maps and directories are sparse for a township, or for an early time period, the Databases are supplemented with record-sets * that show names and Concession/Lot locations *. These include early Land Grant/Patents, and Agricultural Census returns.