PHOTOlog | stop this time PEEL

georgian architecture, museum at christmas

Christmas decor at historical Bovaird House, built 1852 in Brampton, by baker Peter Chisholm. This Georgian home features a McLaughlin cutter (sleigh), the remnants of an apple orchard, and early commercial baking implements. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, December 2014

pre-Confederation architecture, octagonal house, near Toronto

Early Octagonal House at 8273 Heritage Road, built about 1854 by Samuel McClure. French double doors are centered in each of the three sides which face the road. On the “commute”? Stop once. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, June 2015

PEEL County | Chinguacousy South Township

PHOTOlog | school’s out PEEL

caledon, historical, schoolhouse, bell tower, brickwork, buttress, pre-Confederation

Silver Creek Schoolhouse, S.S. No. 3, a private residence since 1967. Original schoolhouse built 1842, and the discovery of partially-scorched internal beams, indicate the structure may have been rebuilt at an early point. An unusual feature is its attached buttresses. It operated as a school until 1960, thereafter offered at public tender as a Centennial Project. The owners built an exact replica of the earlier bell tower. Obscured by trees in summer! Photo credit: Lisa Rance, April 2011

PEEL County | Caledon Township

PHOTOlog | yellow brick relief PEEL

georgian, brickwork, side lights, pre-Confederation

When it was for sale in 2010, the property description for this, the historic Odlum House, built 1862, started: “First time in 148 years on MLS…”. (This was the first time this woman purchased more than $10 in lottery tickets at one time). At 3 Lucinda Court, Brampton, within a new estate of executive homes. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, December 2014

PEEL County | Gore of Toronto Township

PHOTOlog | a fall drive ONTARIO

early ontario brick farmhouse with gingerbread trim

A red brick Ontario Gothic farmhouse at Leaskdale. The “wing” with the cornice-returns may be the earliest-built. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, October 2015

Impressive grave memorial, byzantine-style crypt, Ontario, Canada

The Thomas Foster memorial, a Byzantine-style crypt built by a former Toronto mayor in 1935. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, October 2015

ONTARIO County | Scott Township

PHOTOlog | re-set windows in old home WELLINGTON

re-set windows, renovations to historical home, ontario

Violet’s House, built 1887, at 12 Station Street, Hillsburgh. The windows have been re-set all the way around the house. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, June 2015

WELLINGTON County | Erin Township

PHOTOlog | onondaga sunset BRANT

brantford, historical, brickwork, side lights, pre-Confederation

Sun sets on 275 No. 6 School Rd., at the center of Onondaga Twp. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, September 2015

BRANT County | Onondaga Township

PHOTOlog | yellow brick road PERTH

ontario gothic farmhouse, relief brickwork

Line 6 Blanshard from top to bottom of the township, presents a scenic tour of homes with interesting relief brickwork… one after another! Brick colour trends toward yellow but can be a contrast with red brick, but additionally of interest is the raised pattern of brickwork. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, June 2015

PERTH County | Blanshard Township

PHOTOlog | a victorian compromise MIDDLESEX

Victorian yellow-brick homes in Mossley, Ontario

Gingerbread trim in Mossley, a community, which by 1864 needed a better name than ‘The Corners’, finally settling on a combination of two local surnames – the Mossips and the Lees. Photo credit: Lisa Rance June 2015

MIDDLESEX County | Dorchester North Township

PHOTOlog | relief brickwork DUFFERIN

Marsville, Ontario, historical, fancy brick detail

Brick designs in Marsville: variations in colour and texture. More beautiful relief work in the area. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, June 2015

DUFFERIN County | Garafraxa East Township

PHOTOlog | victorian lady VICTORIA

victorian architecture, ontario, canada

150 year old Victorian lady at 63 Regent St. in Lindsay. Elegant with its brick quoining and ornate verandah, built 1870. Photo credit: Lisa Rance – May 2015

VICTORIA County | Ops Township