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Research 1871 CENSUS locations free online for ALL OF ONTARIO. The individual Township pages at this site, point to every Sched. 4 start page for every Enumeration Division in the Province! COPYRIGHT – the Surname databases, Look-up charts, Transcriptions and all Map geo-points are property of Lisa Rance, Orillia, 2011-current.

Determine the exact Concession & Lot locations where ancestors reported crops on the 1871 Census. This is helpful for differentiating families of a common surname. The ancestor need not have been a farmer – even small personal gardens on town lots, were reported.

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Muskoka and Parry Sound Lot Locations, 1871

I only recently became aware of the existence of an “agricultural” schedule for the 1871 Census of Canada. Here are a thousand+ surnames transcribed for Muskoka and Parry Sound using the cross-referencing procedure described here.

Total Records Found: 1005, showing 10 per page
[1871 surnames] Ryde Muskoka 1871. census check DRAPER Twp.
[1871 surnames] Oakley Muskoka 1871. census check DRAPER Twp.
Adams 1 Muskoka Muskoka 1871. census
Adams 1 Medora Muskoka 1871. census
Adams 3 Chaffey Muskoka 1871. census
Adelhard 1 Morrison Muskoka 1871. census
Alderman 1 Draper Muskoka 1871. census
Alexander 1 Watt Muskoka 1871. census
Algie 1 Hagerman Parry Sound 1871. census
Allard 1 McDougall Parry Sound 1871. census

PHOTOlog | woodland church MUSKOKA

“Ruskoka” near Bracebridge, a retreat operated by the Russian Orthodox Church community in Toronto. Not visible from any road, and the sign has since been removed, so now is an elusive “gem” in the bush. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, August 2014

Russian Orthodox log-construction church, Muskoka, northern Ontario, Canada

MUSKOKA District | McLean Township

PHOTOlog | east-west colonization road MUSKOKA

autumn in muskoka, north of bracebridge

Autumn splendour on the Fraserburg Road. Worth writing home about? Photo credit: Lisa Rance, October 2014

historical colonization road, muskoka, northern ontario

The western terminus of the Peterson Colonization Road near Muskoka Falls at Bracebridge, constructed starting 1858 and connecting with the Buckhorn Road due east to the Opeongo Road at Brudenell in Renfrew County. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, September, 2014

MUSKOKA District | Draper Township

PHOTOlog | past rural life MUSKOKA

Rural Muskoka farming townships returning to nature, cottage life, Ontario, Canada

Vintage farming machinery, water-works, and house-wares are familiar to those who were raised without the mod cons. Local historians point out that cottagers can no longer conceive of the time this land was cleared for farming. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, September 2014

MUSKOKA District | Oakley Township

PHOTOlog | gateway to the north MUSKOKA

Morrison township, first of the back-townships to be settled in Ontario's new North 1858

Commemorating the first steps into the “District”, with the enticement of free land grants in the “back townships”. Photo credit, Lisa Rance, September 2014

Derelict, general store, Kilworthy, Ontario, early muskoka

Kilworthy General Store, derelict, although hardly an abandoned community today. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, July 2013

MUSKOKA District | Morrison Township

PHOTOlog | art barn MUSKOKA

Muskoka historical farm turned artist's retreat, near Bracebridge

The 19th century farm turned potter’s studio – Jon Partridge Pottery and the Artful Garden. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, August 2014

MUSKOKA District | Monck Township

PHOTOlog | inland ship whistle stop MUSKOKA

historic steamship, muskoka, northern Ontario

The Wenonah II steamship, built 2002, is the namesake of the first steam ship operated by A.P. Cockburn’s Muskoka Lakes Navigation Company (1866-1958). Its first route was between Gravenhurst (then called McCabe’s Bay) and Bracebridge (then called North Falls). Photo credit: Lisa Rance, July 2011

MUSKOKA District | Muskoka Township