PHOTOlog | living history MIDDLESEX

oldest continually operating water-powered flour mill, Ontario, Canada

Arva Flouring Mill, established 1819 on what was then Martin’s Creek in a community known as St. John’s., north of London. Photo credit: Lisa Rance June 2015

farmhouse older than the rest, near London, Ontario

Red brick house with NeoClassical door with sidelights, Prospect Hill Road. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, June 2015

MIDDLESEX County | London Township

PHOTOlog | living history and living in history LENNOX-ADDINGTON

military re-enactment, war of 1812, maritime

The Flight of the Royal George, War of 1812 Occupation re-enactment at Bath. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, July 2012

locally-quarried limestone, Wilton, Odessa, Ontario
Villages of stone: Wilton and Odessa. Dis-used quarries still visible in the area. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, July 2012

LENNOX-ADDINGTON County | Ernesttown Township