PHOTOlog | a fall drive ONTARIO

early ontario brick farmhouse with gingerbread trim

A red brick Ontario Gothic farmhouse at Leaskdale. The “wing” with the cornice-returns may be the earliest-built. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, October 2015

Impressive grave memorial, byzantine-style crypt, Ontario, Canada

The Thomas Foster memorial, a Byzantine-style crypt built by a former Toronto mayor in 1935. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, October 2015

ONTARIO County | Scott Township

PHOTOlog | memorial mural DUFFERIN

Laurel, Ontario, historical, memorial

Memorial mural at Laurel crossroads. A larger number of the Canadian war casualties in the Great War were repatriated from Europe to their rural community cemeteries. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, April 2015

DUFFERIN County | Amaranth Township

PHOTOlog | contested yet immoveable border WELLAND

war of 1812 battlefield, Lundy's Lane, memorial, bi-centennial

Commemorative banner over the commercial strip Lundy’s Lane at Drummond Hill, the site of the 1814 Battle. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, November 2014

niagara stone house, solid 3-foot thick walls, built 1825, georgian
The John Thompson house, built 1825 as the center of a large farm estate (Lot 108), remains cozy by virtue of its 3-foot-thick stone walls. 4891 Portage Road, Niagara Falls. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, February 2011

WELLAND County | Stamford Township

PHOTOlog | east-west colonization road MUSKOKA

autumn in muskoka, north of bracebridge

Autumn splendour on the Fraserburg Road. Worth writing home about? Photo credit: Lisa Rance, October 2014

historical colonization road, muskoka, northern ontario

The western terminus of the Peterson Colonization Road near Muskoka Falls at Bracebridge, constructed starting 1858 and connecting with the Buckhorn Road due east to the Opeongo Road at Brudenell in Renfrew County. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, September, 2014

MUSKOKA District | Draper Township

PHOTOlog | gateway to the north MUSKOKA

Morrison township, first of the back-townships to be settled in Ontario's new North 1858

Commemorating the first steps into the “District”, with the enticement of free land grants in the “back townships”. Photo credit, Lisa Rance, September 2014

Derelict, general store, Kilworthy, Ontario, early muskoka

Kilworthy General Store, derelict, although hardly an abandoned community today. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, July 2013

MUSKOKA District | Morrison Township

PHOTOlog | local militia re-enactment WELLAND

Niagara Parkway, War of 1812 Bi-Centennial Re-enactment, 2nd Lincoln Militia

Bi-Centennial re-enactment of the War of 1812 Battle of Chippawa, Niagara Parkway. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, July 2014

Georgian Loyalist architecture, Niagara Parkway, war of 1812, bed and breakfast
Many times occupied, but never burnt, the 1805 Strickler-Danner House is now a bed and breakfast. 12549 Niagara Parkway. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, February 2012

WELLAND County | Willoughby Township

PHOTOlog | war memorial windows GREY

Meaford, Ontario, world war 2, stained glass, window, memorial, church

European medieval glass Memorial windows in Christ Church, Meaford. The windows were fashioned from shards collected by the church’s chaplain in the Second World War. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, September 2011. Continue Reading