PHOTOlog | gingerbread house in winter SIMCOE

ontario gothic farmhouse, historical mill

Paint required in Hillsdale, Ontario. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, September 2011

ontario gothic farmhouse in winter, gingerbread bargeboard

Cozy brick farmhouse tucked against a ridge on Line 8 North. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, February 2015

SIMCOE County | Medonte Township

PHOTOlog | living history MIDDLESEX

oldest continually operating water-powered flour mill, Ontario, Canada

Arva Flouring Mill, established 1819 on what was then Martin’s Creek in a community known as St. John’s., north of London. Photo credit: Lisa Rance June 2015

farmhouse older than the rest, near London, Ontario

Red brick house with NeoClassical door with sidelights, Prospect Hill Road. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, June 2015

MIDDLESEX County | London Township

PHOTOlog | mill in the valley SIMCOE

historical mill, water power, early Ontario settlement

Utopia grist mill outside Angus. An effort is underway to restore this mill. Just like an effort is underway to return Spring to this valley (it was green up top)! Photo credit: Lisa Rance, April 2015

SIMCOE County | Essa Township

PHOTOlog | beaver valley village GREY

Kimberley, Ontario, Beaver Valley, historical, grist mill

Grist Mill, now winery, in Kimberley, built 1877. View of Old Baldy cliff overlooking the Beaver Valley. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, April 2015

GREY County | Euphrasia Township

PHOTOlog | operating mill BRUCE

allenford, ontario, historical, mill

Murdoch Mills, Allenford, built 1948. Boundaries have changed here, so that the town line goes through the local hardware store. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, April 2015

BRUCE County | Amabel Township

PHOTOlog | stand or rebuild GREY

Durham, Ontario, historical, streetscape, brickwork, windows

Durham store fa├žade. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, April 2014

Dornoch, Ontario, mill
The Welbeck water-powered mill cuts cedar shakes on the spot of the original 1871 lumber mill which burned in 1967. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, October 2013

GREY County | Bentinck Township

PHOTOlog | unusual sight HURON

mill, reconstruction, Dutch windmill in Canada, Bayfield, Ontario

The Folmar windmill, built in 1990, the only operating wind-driven saw mill in North America. Modelled on an existing windmill, The Arend, in Holland. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, October 2013

historical inn, port town, Bayfield, Ontario
Main Street, village of Bayfield, established 1832. The still-operating Albion Hotel and commercial building now the Black Dog Pub, both built before 1850. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, October, 2013

PHOTOlog | grey roots GREY

Owen Sound, Ontario, historical, pioneer village, museum

Moreston pioneer village, Grey Roots Museum & Archives. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, November 2011

Owen Sound, Ontario, Moreland Place, garden, waterfall, mill

Moreland Place garden, stone mansion, near Owen Sound. 102645 Grey Road 18 is marked only by a small sign: Garden, Open Every Day. The original 1919-built home is accompanied by an elegant stone mansion, built in 1984, but meant to look 18th-century. Statuary abounds. If in the area, do not miss this ‘secret’ garden, nor nearby Inglis Falls and the remains of its mill. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, October 2013

GREY County | Derby Township

PHOTOlog | historical gristmill OXFORD

historic gristmill, Otterville, Ontario

Otterville / Treffry Mill built 1845 on the site of an earlier mill. One of the oldest continually-operating water-powered mills in the Province, although commercial grist production ended in 1981. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, May 2014

OXFORD County | Norwich South Township