PHOTOlog | unpretentious homestead VICTORIA

fieldstone home, karwartha lakes

Otter Lane stone house, for sale in 2015 for $250k. Someone’s long-time home with beautiful gardens. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, September 2015

VICTORIA County | Laxton Township

PHOTOlog | small town attraction VICTORIA

canada's smallest jail, coboconck

Coboconk village – Canada’s smallest jail on Water St., 1890… Photo credit – Lisa Rance, August 2015
VICTORIA County | Bexley Township

PHOTOlog | rubble stone walls ONTARIO

rubble stonemasonry, Beaverton, Ontario

One of the oldest buildings in Beaverton, 305 Simcoe Street was originally the miller’s house. Rubble stone wall construction with 12 over 12 windows. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, May 2015

ONTARIO County | Thorah Township

PHOTOlog | log house cobblestone hearth ONTARIO

log house, cobblestone chimney, moved to pioneer museum, Ontario, Canada

The homestead of Mara’s first settler, Patrick Corrigan | An 1850’s log house, originally in Mara, now moved to the Beaver River Museum in Beaverton. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, Feb 2017 and May 2015

ONTARIO County | Mara Township

PHOTOlog | historical preservation ONTARIO

pre-Confederation stone farmhouse moved and preserved, Lindsay, Ontario

Now at 55 Albert St. N., Lindsay. Built in Brock Township in 1852 and moved to Lindsay in 1934. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, May 2015

ONTARIO County | Brock Township

PHOTOlog | old stone or not GREY

Chatsworth, Ontario, historical, stone masonry

Chatsworth stone house. Unsure of age. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, April 2015

GREY County | Holland Township

PHOTOlog | contested yet immoveable border WELLAND

war of 1812 battlefield, Lundy's Lane, memorial, bi-centennial

Commemorative banner over the commercial strip Lundy’s Lane at Drummond Hill, the site of the 1814 Battle. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, November 2014

niagara stone house, solid 3-foot thick walls, built 1825, georgian
The John Thompson house, built 1825 as the center of a large farm estate (Lot 108), remains cozy by virtue of its 3-foot-thick stone walls. 4891 Portage Road, Niagara Falls. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, February 2011

WELLAND County | Stamford Township

PHOTOlog | township corners WELLINGTON

early german architecture, rural ontario crossroads

The cross-roads of St. Agatha, originally named Wilmot, was settled about 1824 by Amish Mennonites from the U.S. and Alsace-Lorraine. Catholic and Lutheran settlers followed in the early 1830’s. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, June 2014

WATERLOO County | Wilmot Township

PHOTOlog | country estate LINCOLN

stone house heritage preConfederation

Caistor Con 7 Lot 20 Jacob Ker, J.P., at 5252 Westbrook Rd. at Twenty Rd. Overlooks a farm with corn and wind-farm in distance (east side Westbrook and Binbrook). Photo credit: Lisa Rance, November 2014
LINCOLN County | Caistor Township

autumn rural ontario corn

LINCOLN County | Caistor Township

PHOTOlog | work to be done WELLINGTON

dressed stone barn, rural ontario

Kenilworth stone shed. Much work to do, even in winter. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, April 2014

WELLINGTON County | Arthur Township