PHOTOlog | the heights, the “bench” LINCOLN

Loyalist history, Niagara, vineyard, historical-preservation

The William Woodruff House, built 1827 at St. Davids “bench” (a sheltered ridge in the Niagara Escarpment). Dismantled in 1969 and moved to three separate owners throughout Ontario, it has been subsequently returned and rebuilt in 2009 at Ravine Vineyards, 1000m from its original location. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, February, 2012

Niagara Gorge, Queenston Heights, autumn

View from the “American side” – the Heights of Queenston, “scaled” by many armies. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, October 2011

LINCOLN County | Niagara Township

PHOTOlog | the short hills LINCOLN

Niagara historic tavern, vineyard, Loyalist

The Mountainview tavern built at Short Hills by Henry Smith, a son of an United Empire Loyalist. in 1842. Now, the tasting room of Henry of Pelham Vineyards. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, July 2014

Niagara stone house, Loyalist, 2nd Lincoln militia

The Brown-Jouppien House, built by UEL Butler’s Ranger John Brown about 1797- 1802. The NeoClassical front was last-added in 1802 by the same masons and identical in detail to the nearby DeCew House. Both were important command posts in the War of 1812. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, May 2012

LINCOLN County | Louth Township

PHOTOlog | prosperity LINCOLN

Niagara historical fruit farm, Pennsylvania Dutch

The Dilman-Moyer House, established 1799 by this Pennsylvania Dutch (Mennonite) family. Cherry Avenue Farms, orchards and vineyards, operated by the 7th generation. 4303 Cherry Avenue, Vineland. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, July 2014

LINCOLN County | Clinton Township