PHOTOlog | early Irish immigration CARLETON

Pakenham, Ontario, historic, farmhouse, bed-and-breakfast, stone masonry, Irish

The limestone farmhouse built by Frances Gillan in the 1850’s. Now operating a B&B and Farm Museum, the descendants of Gillans of Longford, Ireland have the original offer of purchase, dated October 18th, 1836. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, July, 2008

CARLETON County | Fitzroy Township

PHOTOlog | double front survey PEEL

Irish immigration, early land surveying practices

Irish immigrants began arriving in North Albion about 1825 and the community of Sleswick had been established by the 1850’s. Surveyed after 1819, the New Survey was arranged in a new “double front” system whereby the traditional 200-acre rectangular lots were split and patented as square 100-acre half-lots, affording each owner frontage on a Concession road. Photo credit: Lisa Rance, April 2011

PEEL County | Albion Township